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videosSoo Ji and Woo Ri (2024) Episode 76
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Star Media
⏲ 3 hours 23 minutes 23 seconds 👁 190.8K
Ислам Итляшев
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Cooking the Arabian white kabsa with meat and rice in an easy way! Delicious!<br/><br/>طبخ وصفة الكبسة البيضاء باللحم بطريقة سهلة واحترافية! <br/>Ingredients:<br/><br/>Vegetable oil<br/>Two medium-sized onions (chopped, approximately 250 grams)<br/>Two cinnamon sticks<br/>Two bay leaves<br/>One dried lime<br/>Four cardamom pods<br/>Four cloves<br/>One teaspoon cumin seeds<br/>Oneteaspoon coriander seeds<br/>Oneteaspoon black pepper<br/>One and a half kilograms of beef or lamb meat, cut into chunks with bones <br/>One head of garlic<br/>Three cups of long-grain basmati rice<br/>One teaspoon salt (or to taste)<br/>Whole hot peppers (optional)<br/><br/>Instructions:<br/><br/>Heat a pot or wok over medium heat and add a little vegetable oil. Allow the oil to heat up.<br/><br/>Add the chopped onions to the pot and continuously turn them until they become translucent and slightly golden.<br/><br/>Now, add the cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, dried lime, cardamom pods, and cloves to the pot. Stir the spices for about a minute to release their flavors.<br/><br/>Sprinkle in the cumin seeds, coriander seeds, and black pepper. Continue stirring for another minute until the spices are fragrant.<br/><br/>Add the beef or lamb meat to the pot and cook until it changes color and browns slightly.<br/><br/>Pour hot water into the pot, covering the meat completely.<br/><br/>Add the head of garlic to the pot.<br/><br/>Reduce the heat to medium and let the meat simmer for about one hour, or until it becomes tender and cooked through. Stir occasionally and skim off any impurities that rise to the surface.<br/><br/>While the meat is cooking, wash the basmati rice thoroughly and soak it in water for 20 minutes. This helps to remove excess starch.<br/><br/>Once the meat is tender, turn off the heat and remove the meat from the broth using a slotted spoon. Set the meat aside.<br/><br/>Strain the broth through a fine-mesh sieve to remove any solid particles and impurities. This will give you a clear and flavorful broth.<br/><br/>Return the meat to the pot and place it back on the stove.<br/><br/>Add salt (or adjust to taste) and whole hot peppers, if desired. Stir well.<br/><br/>Drain the soaked rice and add it to the pot, spreading it evenly over the meat.<br/><br/>Pour four and a half cups of the strained meat broth over the rice. This will give the rice its delicious flavor.<br/><br/>Increase the heat to high and bring the mixture to a boil. Once it boils, reduce the heat to low and cover the pot with a tight-fitting lid.<br/><br/>Let the kabsa cook over low heat for about 30 minutes, or until the rice absorbs the liquid and becomes tender. Avoid opening the lid during this time to ensure even cooking.<br/><br/>After 30 minutes, remove the pot from the heat and let it sit, covered, for an additional 10 minutes to allow the flavors to meld.<br/>:<br/><br/> زيت نباتي<br/> بصلتان متوسطتا الحجم (مقطعتان ، حوالي 250 جرامًا)<br/> قطعتان من أعواد القرفة<br/> ورقتان من ورق الغار<br/> واحد من الجير المجفف<br/> أربع حبات هيل<br/> أربعة فصوص<br/> ملعقة صغيرة بذور كمون<br/> ملعقة صغيرة بذور كزبرة<br/> ملعقة صغيرة فلفل أسود<br/> كيلو ونصف من لحم البقر أو لحم الضأن ، مقطعة إلى قطع مع العظام<br/> رأس ثوم<br/> ثلاثة أكواب من أرز بسمتي طويل الحبة<br/> ملعقة صغيرة ملح (أو ح
⏲ 5:54 👁 15K
Телеканал ПЯТНИЦА
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⏲ 1 hour 35 seconds 👁 92.7K
Friends! If you liked this video, be sure to like and subscribe to the channel!<br/>Good mood to everyone and I created a channel to give you a smile and joy. And I hope I succeeded and hope for your subscription!<br/>If you want to support our channel, I will be very grateful. PayPal: viktor3177@inbox.lv
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Жизнь после 50!
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Friends! If you liked this video, be sure to like and subscribe to the channel!<br/>Good mood to everyone and I created a channel to give you a smile and joy. And I hope I succeeded and hope for your subscription!<br/>If you want to support our channel, I will be very grateful. PayPal: viktor3177@inbox.lv
⏲ 0:58 ✓ 07-Jul-2024
Питомник Роз Иващенко
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Телеканал ПЯТНИЦА
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