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<br/>Logarithms Basics-Ex 3.3-Q 1-P vi-9th Class Math-Laws of logarithms<br/><br/>#digilearnerspoint, #logarithmicequation, #logarithms, #logarithmicexpression, #logarithmicfunction, #lawsoflogarithms. #logarithmslaws, #logarithmicdifferentiation, #quotientrule, #fbise, federal board, exercise 3.3, 9 standard math, 9th class logarithms, class 9 logarithms, logarithms and indices, product law for logarithms, logarithms meaning, logarithms formulas, logarithms class 9, logarithm math, logarithm maths unplugged, logarithm learn and share, logarithm jee advanced question, logarithms grade 9, logarithms from basic, logarithm aptitude, logarithm class 11, logarithms a level math, logarithm z buffer, logarithm zero rule, logarithms and exponential, logarithms and their applications, logarithms by feel free to learn, logarithm difficult questions, logarithms explained in hindi logarithms grade 9
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Chedo tech
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Word Publishing
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It's always intriguing to see how some gadgets, despite their initial promise, turned into significant failures. Here are a few that made a big impact, but not in the way their creators hoped:<br/><br/>1. **Eye-Q Go**: This digital camera, released by the toy company Mattel, was aimed at children but failed to capture the market's interest, resulting in financial losses for the company.<br/><br/>2. **HP TouchPad**: Hewlett-Packard's attempt to compete with the iPad ended in disaster, with the company discontinuing the product just 49 days after its launch due to poor sales and critical reception.<br/><br/>3. **The Edison**: General Electric's foray into the lighting business with the energy-efficient Edison light bulb faced numerous issues, including high production costs and consumer disinterest, leading to significant financial setbacks.<br/><br/>4. **Google Glass**: This ambitious augmented reality device failed to gain traction due to high costs, privacy concerns, and limited functionality, causing Google to pivot away from the consumer market.<br/><br/>5. **Microsoft Zune**: Intended to compete with Apple's iPod, the Zune never achieved significant market share, and its poor sales eventually led Microsoft to discontinue the product line.<br/><br/>6. **Samsung Galaxy Note 7**: This smartphone faced a massive recall after reports of battery explosions, causing severe damage to Samsung's reputation and financial losses.<br/><br/>These gadgets serve as reminders of how even large corporations can face major setbacks. Have you ever owned any of these devices or experienced their shortcomings firsthand?
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muhammad Abdullah
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Sakura gamer
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Village Style Shorwa (Shorba)Recipes| Village Life In Afghanistan | Bamyan | شوروایا شوربا افغانی <br/><br/>In this video we have traveled to the most remote village in Bamyan province of Afghanistan. In this video, you see the life of a family that lives in remote village.<br/><br/>https://youtu.be/4bapHUs7b-Q?si=csSb8ZwsM_eGHZJH
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Alex Barth and Brian Hines are LIVE to discuss Jahlani Tavai's multi-year extension with the New England Patriots. Additionally, they'll answer your questions in a live Q+A session.<br/><br/>************************************************<br/>Patriots Content Brought to you by....<br/> Prize Picks - PrizePicks.com/CLNS<br/>Download the app today and use code CLNS for a first deposit match up to $100!<br/> Gametime - https://gametime.co<br/>Take the guesswork out of buying NBA tickets with Gametime. Download the Gametime app, create an account, and use code CLNS for $20 off your first purchase. Download Gametime today. Last minute tickets. Lowest Price. Guaranteed. Terms apply.<br/><br/>Merch Store - https://shop.clnsmedia.com<br/><br/>Social Media!!!!<br/> Patriots Twitter- https://twitter.com/patriotsclns<br/> Patriots Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/patriotsclns/<br/> Facebook- https://facebook.com/clnsmedia<br/> LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/clnsmedia/about/<br/> Tik Tok - https://www.tiktok.com/@clnsmedia<br/>*********************************************************<br/> ABOUT PATRIOTS COVERAGE ON CLNS: <br/><br/>Welcome to the CLNS Media Network’s YouTube channel for New England Patriotsfootball.CLNS Media is the leading online provider of audio/video coverage for the 6X Super Bowl Champions.Get complete inside access to the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro and everywhere on the road. CLNS Patriots credentialed insiders Greg Bedard, Andrew Callahan, Tayler Kyles, John Zannis, Alex Barth and Mike Kadlick provide instantaneous news and analysis all in real time, as well as full access to complete videos from the players, coaches, ownership and everyone else inside Patriots Place.<br/><br/>If you enjoy CLNS’ CelticsAll Access and are craving more Boston sports content, you head over to CLNS’ PatriotsPress Pass at <br/> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqX7G3pEDTseNxtoDU27PEg?sub_confirmations=1 <br/><br/>__________________________________________________________________________<br/> For Celtics Content: <br/>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmp3kivpOg3lzoJC7yV7VjQ?sub_confirmations=1 <br/> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmp3kivpOg3lzoJC7yV7VjQ?sub_confirmations=1 <br/>Celtics Twitter - https://twitter.com/CelticsCLNS<br/>Celtics Instagram - https://instagram.com/celticsCLNS<br/> Twitter Main- - https://twitter.com/clnsmediaCLNS<br/> Main Instagram - https://instagram.com/clnsmedia<br/>*******************************************************<br/>Check out over dozens of sports podcasts from CLNS Media here: https://clnsmedia.com/ OR for all 200 shows, go to https://northstationmedia.com
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Violet Myers Life Update Q&A!
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Engineer Muhammad Ali
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*Ingredients<br/><br/>Salt to taste<br/><br/>Red chilli flake 2tsp<br/><br/>Tandoori masala 2 tsp<br/><br/>Ginger garlic paste 2 tsp<br/><br/>Tumeric powder 1tsp<br/><br/>BBQ sauce 2tsp<br/><br/>Mustard paste 1 tsp<br/><br/>Onion chopped 1 medium<br/><br/>Capsicum chopped 1 medium<br/><br/>Carrot chopped 1 medium<br/><br/>Bonless chicken 200 g<br/><br/>Peprika powder 1tsp<br/><br/>Oil 2_3 tbsp<br/><br/>Boiled pasta 1 packet<br/><br/>Method<br/><br/>*add oil in pan and add ginger garlic paste<br/><br/>*then add chicken and its color is turn into pink and add 2_3 tbsp water<br/><br/>*then add salt; red chili flakes; tandoori masala; Tumeric powder; peprika powder<br/><br/>*and chicken is done then add carrots and cook for 2 mints<br/><br/>*then add onion and add pasta<br/><br/>*then addb. B. Q sauce and mustard paste And mix<br/><br/>*At last add capsicum and cook on low to medium flame for 2_3 minutes<br/><br/>*tandoori pasta is ready<br/><br/>*enjoy
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