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If you thought that the perfect homecoming reception didn't exist, allow this video to change your mind in a heartbeat. <br/><br/>Shared by Angie, this endearing clip features her partner's pet dog brimming with profound joy the moment he spots his human dad after being apart for a few days. <br/><br/>\
⏲ 0:30 👁 4.7M
⏲ 8 minutes 14 seconds 👁 604.2K
NFL Throwback
⏲ 1 hour 54 seconds 👁 12.2K
As they strolled home from the store, this curious squirrel suddenly halted in their path, drawn by their grocery bags.<br/><br/>With a twitch of its whiskers, the little creature approached, its beady eyes filled with inquisitiveness.<br/><br/>Sensing its interest, one of them reached into their bag and pulled out a tiny doughnut, offering it to the squirrel.<br/><br/>To their surprise, the squirrel eagerly accepted the treat, nibbling on it with gusto as if it were the finest nut it had ever tasted.<br/><br/>With a satisfied chirp, the squirrel scampered off into the trees while clutching its newfound delicacy tightly.<br/>Location: Warrington, United Kingdom<br/>WooGlobe Ref : WGA249773<br/>For licensing and to use this video, please email
⏲ 0:56 👁 6.5M
Avery Brennan
⏲ 25 seconds 👁 32.2K
⏲ 13 minutes 21 seconds 👁 406.5K
One of the most enjoyable and fulfilling parts of parenthood is watching your child figure things out on their own. <br/><br/>In this endearing clip, Cristina films her baby daughter taking a not-so-ideal approach to going down a slide, much to Cristina's amusement.<br/><br/>Cristina ends up helping the youngling in order to save her from a rough landing. <br/><br/>\
⏲ 0:32 👁 1.2M
⏲ 15 minutes 8 seconds 👁 9.9M
⏲ 20 minutes 7 seconds 👁 5.9K
Staying safe is recommended, but it can't be denied that genuine, unadulterated thrill comes from taking risks, and the stars of this clip can vouch for it. <br/><br/>In this adrenaline-boosting video, a couple of thrill-seekers prepare to take a hot air balloon ride. However, rather than getting on it like every other person on this planet does, the subjects actually climb onto the balloon part of the ride, and that too without any parachutes, fully intending to live an adventurous day. <br/><br/>\
⏲ 1:28 👁 2M
⏲ 9 minutes 6 seconds 👁 277.8K
RFC News
⏲ 8 minutes 58 seconds 👁 7.3K
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