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How and Why, You Should Take Better Care of, Your Hairbrush.<br/>LifeHacker reports that hairbrushes can <br/>get really gross, with humans shedding <br/>an average of 50 to 100 hairs every day. .<br/>Not to mention buildup of dead skin cells, hair <br/>care products and dust, making a hairbrush <br/>an ideal place for bacterial and fungal growth.<br/>Failing to clean a brush can result in <br/>dirty hair, tangles, damage and can even <br/>exacerbate scalp issues like dandruff.<br/>LifeHacker recommends removing hair daily <br/>and doing a thorough cleaning every week <br/>if you use hair products like hairspray or gel.<br/>If you don't use hair products, <br/>you can extend the gap between <br/>cleanings to every two to three weeks. .<br/>For synthetic brushes made of plastic <br/>and rubber, use a gentle shampoo or dish <br/>soap to clean your brush in warm water. .<br/>If you have a natural brush made of wood or<br/>boar bristles, try using a sulphate-free shampoo and <br/>consider adding one to two teaspoons of baking soda.<br/>Synthetic brushes can be soaked, <br/>while natural brushes should be <br/>dipped but not submerged. .<br/>A clean, extra toothbrush can help to <br/>scrub around the base of bristles and <br/>anywhere else there might be buildup. .<br/>A clean, extra toothbrush can help to <br/>scrub around the base of bristles and <br/>anywhere else there might be buildup. .<br/>Remember to look for broken, <br/>bent or missing bristles which are a sign <br/>that it may be time to replace your brush. .<br/>Remember to look for broken, <br/>bent or missing bristles which are a sign <br/>that it may be time to replace your brush.
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The Dirty Picture Film
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A police search dog helped provide vital evidence to secure convictions for five men involved in the murder of a man.<br/><br/>Dog handler PC Neil Dobson and a police dog called Monty searched a flat where a multiple stabbing had taken place. Monty managed to find £8,000 in cash hidden in the headboard of a bed that had not been found by the group.
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Imbibe on this blueberry-inspired, fresh, and fizzy cocktail.
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TikTok Mirchi
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Movie icon, Anya Taylor-Joy, shares her journey of what it was like filming 'Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga' and doing her own stunts, driving a car without a license and getting dirtier than ever.
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Garden Answer Highlights
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