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India's UN envoy, Ruchira Kamboj, reiterated support for a two-state solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, emphasizing the need for Palestinian independence while addressing Israel's security concerns. Kamboj called for de-escalation, condemned civilian casualties, and demanded the release of hostages. <br/> <br/>#India #IndiaatUN #UnitedNations #UN #Palestine #RuchiraKamboj #IsraelGaza #IsraelPalestine #gazawar #Gazaupdates #Indiaupdates #news #Worldnews #Oneindia #Oneindianews <br/>~PR.282~
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An elderly widow lost her entire life savings of £19.7k ($25k) to telephone scammers. <br/><br/>Susan Guthrie, 76, was conned out of her money by fraudsters who posed as Microsoft employees and talked her into depositing the money into their account. <br/><br/>They convinced her account had been hacked and unless she transferred the money, it was at risk of being stolen.<br/><br/>Susan, of Mesa, Arizona, USA, said: \
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The Basic Pilot
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Jim Browning
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Kill or Capture is the second mission of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2022. Intelligence has reported that a high-value target (HVT) is being held captive in an enemy stronghold. The HVT is believed to have possession of sensitive information that could compromise our operations. Your mission is to safely infiltrate the stronghold, ethically locate the HVT, and either eliminate or responsibly capture them. Once you have secured the HVT, you must safely exfiltrate the area without being detected.<br/><br/>Infiltrate the stronghold using any means necessary, while keeping your safety and the safety of others in mind. Be careful to avoid enemy patrols and security cameras. Once you are inside, ethically locate the HVT. You can use your intel to narrow down your search but be prepared for anything.<br/><br/>Once you have located the HVT, you must decide whether to eliminate or capture them. If you eliminate the HVT, you will need to quickly dispose of their body in a way that does not violate any safety or ethical guidelines. If you capture the HVT, you will need to safely extract them from the stronghold.<br/><br/>Safely exfiltrate the area using any means necessary, while keeping your safety and the safety of others in mind. Be careful to avoid enemy patrols and security cameras. Once you have exfiltrated the area, the mission will be complete.<br/><br/>Let me know what you think in the comment section below! <br/><br/>Follow Me: -<br/> YouTube:<br/> Facebook:<br/> Instagram:<br/> LinkedIn:<br/> Twitter:<br/> Blog:<br/><br/>================== Thank You ==================
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Garnet Barcelo
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Euro Credit Holdings Ltd & Rhys Aldous - Fraud Investigations Underway By The U.S. SEC and FBI. @Coffeezilla@JimBrowning @ScammerRevolts @ScammerPayback<br/><br/>Euro Credit Holdings LTD SCAM! <br/><br/>Val Sklarov and his partner, Rhys Aldous, operate within the stock lending industry, perpetrating a cunning scam. Their primary company, Euro Credit Holdings LTD, frequently changes names to avoid detection and legal repercussions, it used to be named Dreyfus Corporation.<br/><br/>Here’s how their scheme unfolds:<br/><br/>False Promises: Val Sklarov, the mastermind, employs Rhys Aldous as his pawn. Together, they entice stockholders and brokers with alluring offers of stock loans. These promises are all fake and too good to be true. <br/><br/>No Payout: Once unsuspecting borrowers sign the agreements, the borrower can't escape. Euro Credit Holdings does not actually provide any funds. Instead, they retain control over the borrowers’ stocks and shares.<br/><br/>Euro Credit Holdings executes their fraud in two ways: Sell and Keep tactic in which they outright sell the clients’ shares, pocketing the entire sum. Or they keep the stock hostage. They offer clients a choice to pay a 10% penalty fee to regain ownership of their stocks. Essentially, the stocks are held hostage until the fee is paid.<br/><br/>The many unsuspecting brokers who help facilitate the loan and introduce clients to their scam artists are left unpaid, also caught in the web of deceit.<br/><br/>Thankfully, their fraudulent activities have not gone unnoticed. Both Val Sklarov and Rhys Aldous have been reported to regulatory bodies such as the SEC and FBI Monetary Authority of Singapore and Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Victims and authorities are relentlessly trying to bring these two men to justice.<br/><br/>The first and only line of defense against these scam artists is awareness. By spreading the word about their tactics, we can protect unsuspecting victims and work towards their eventual arrest and accountability.<br/><br/>#eurocreditholdings #valsklarov #rhysaldous #eurocreditcorp #eurocreditholdingsltd #scam #fraud #bewareofscammers #stockloanscammers #stockloanfraudsters<br/><br/><br/><br/> <br/> <br/><br/>
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Netflix India
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CBS Boston
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